I’m gonna let you in on a secret now, because your body isn’t you. Your soul is you, and they can  n e v e r  cut into your soul.


If you don’t think soul mates exist after watching this I don’t even know what to say to you.

And what I love about it is how perfectly they match up, how much their lives connect and overlap, how much they love each other, but they still only think of each other as friends. I think that’s such an amazing kind of relationship. Non romantic soul mates are just beautiful. 

hidden-emotions-hurt: "do you like cats?"


Whenever I see a cat I think ‘You could of been a dog’ and I get frustrated. 

Peg: I had an idea to get your mum out of the house. To make new friends.
Josh: Yeah…
Peg: She should come to church and so should you.